Quality Policy

  • Commitment to bring the best Quality through meeting customer's expectations and exceeding their requirements.
  • Aimed to provide perfect and comprehensive services and maintain excellence in every part of the construction we are dealing with.
  • Continuous improvement of our Quality system based on our customers' feedback, which is always our Goal.
  • Permanently acting with the task to minimize Environmental pollution, Health & Safety Hazards.
  • Maintain compliance with applicable laws, regulations & standards.

Safety Policy

BETOLOC KSA is committed to maintaining the HSE of our Employees, Customers, subcontractors, and General public on all our fabrication yards, worksites and in all our operations.

We are dedicated to ensure a healthy, safe and accident-free work environment, where Health & Safety is equally important to all other business objectives.

We achieve these commitments by:

  • Complying with all H&S legislation and standards.
  • Ensuring that everyone from our employees is actively involved in H&S issues through Training, Toolbox Meetings & Hazard identifications.
  • Creating a culture in which all our individuals are aware that they are responsible for themselves and others for Health & Safety.
  • Ensuring that all our employees are provided with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E), safe equipment, vehicles & Machinery.
  • Imposing safety rules so that all of our subcontractors and site visitors (in the Fabrication Yard and sites) are fully committed to all Safety requirements.
  • Improving and continually seeking perfection of all aspects of H&S in our workplaces, including our policies & procedures.

Management will be responsible for implementing this Safety Policy and ensuring compliance in all areas of Health & Safety.

Employees are always required to observe safe work practices and promptly report any hazards incidents or accidents.

‘Everyone is responsible for HEALTH & SAFETY’.