About Us

As we walk into the 21st century, constructing buildings should be more flexible, more manageable, quicker, and provide efficient cost, high quality, and deliver products on time.

Unfortunately, the traditional practices are not providing all these aspects and become, eventually, a problem.

When the demands are: On time, Quality, value, new Design ideas, and breaking out of the outdated geometric logic of square houses / four-wall boxes, exceptional technologies must be implemented.

Today, BETOLOC KSA is precisely established for those reasons.

We are here to make the difference, as we have the right team to support each project and maintain a partnership with International & Greek companies specialized, for years back, in the construction of Residential buildings & Villas. We are bringing their proven high technology and "know-how" to Saudi Arabia, considering all factors that bring value to the people who invest in building construction and create a better lifestyle for people using them.

A Unique precast system - from our Greek partner - called BPS, which holds three world patents - is entirely in practice here in K.S.A & GCC - as we will do our best to serve our customers.

Our Mission

  • In BETOLOC KSA COMPANY, we offer excellent engineering and construction services to meet customers' requirements through good practices and superior technologies.
  • We also strive to have an efficient, dedicated, and trained workforce, and we will continue our R&D and Cooperate with scientific and high tech international and national universities to obtain and improve BETOLOC KSA new technologies to serve our clients.

Our Vision

  • Developing BETOLOC KSA to be one of the best well-known construction companies inside K.S.A.
  • To be one of the elite companies that provide excellent engineering and construction services.

Training & Research

  • BETOLOC KSA transfer, localize and bring high construction tech to Saudi Citizens. The company has definitive plans to grow and develop, following the needs of KSA & GCC.
  • BETOLOC KSA has clearly defined training and development plans based on clear objectives that can ensure transferring "the know-how" through Train, qualify, and develop individuals employed by our company.
  • BETOLOC KSA is also in direct contact with "well-known" Research and Development (R&D) universities to keep up to date, invent, and reach innovative construction modules.
  • BETOLOC KSA is working new initiatives and ideas and checking and upgrading its building system to generate further opportunities, develop new construction materials friendly to environment, targeting the best construction Modules and Systems.

Core Values



  • Integrity.
  • Innovation & Creativity.
  • Commitment & loyalty to the customers.
  • Responsibility.
  • Planning ahead.
  • More Knowledgeable & well-skilled Teams.
  • Striving for excellence.
  • Maintaining Quality & Safety environments.
  • Providing quality to our customers.

Business Values


To achieve our Mission & Vision, we at BETOLOC KSA COMPANY pledge to conduct and execute our duties by:

  • Striving to achieve customer expectations.
  • Comply with all Laws & Regulations of K.S.A.
  • Creating and maintaining a safe & productive working environment by following Our H.S.E. Policy.
  • Continuously seeking a high level of teamwork and cooperation with our partners.

Our Team

Interior designers must be highly skilled in order to create interior environments that are functional, safe.


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