Just to Know Us Better

1. What is the name of the company?

Betoloc Precast System

2. What the company is specialized?

We are specialized in customized precast Constructions.

3. Are you a Traditional construction company or another?

No, it’s a Construction Company with new ideas about construction.

4.What type or system the company is using for construction?

We have a unique construction system called B.P.S.

5. Where this system used / work firstly?

The system was used in Europe for 14 years before coming in KSA.

6. What is the main differences from a usual precast company?

No factory and No trailers needed, everything taking place on site.

7. Your system is having any certificates?

The system is holding 3 world patents recognized by WIPO.

8. Do you have a software to support your system?

Yes, we develop a software which allow us to check & create Shop Drawings.

9. What are you aiming for?

Quality, to satisfy our customers and win their trust.

10. Why is the system suitable for Saudi Arabia & Gulf countries?

We believe that Time & Quality are important factors in construction. These factors currently are not taken seriously from a lot of companies.

11. Can you support Green Buildings Construction?

This is mainly what we aiming for.

12. What kind of materials are you using during the construction?

All the materials, are environmental friendly without causing any pollution.

13. Do you need foundations in a Villa Construction -till 3 floors?

Most of the times no. Only a raft slab on ground is enough.

14. What if a customer asks for basement?

Even a basement we can support , even a swimming pool also.

15. Do you have certain types for buildings, that you can support?

Definitely no. We can support whatever a client requires, and the structural study allows.

16. Can you support modern design Villas or Residents?

We are aimed to do that. Only the opportunity is missing.

17. What is the Cost comparing other Precast Companies or Factories?

Can be 10 -15% lower than the other companies. Depend on the project.

18. How much time it takes to building a villa of 500 m2?

We need a period of 15 days to handover the frame ready for start closing it.

19. Do you need to update the system?

Of course, it’s a must for us. We have ideas for making it more flexible & less costly.

20. What are your plans from now on?

To gradually start participate in important projects.

21. Other projects outside KSA can you support?

Of course, Betoloc can go everywhere, we are flexible as our system is.

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